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A new year, a new publicity campaign, a new fresh angle

Orange Horizons will be a story-telling tenfold series in which the Netherlands Business Support Office in Barcelona unveils which sectors and business trends are hot in the city that hosts our base. By means of desk research and conducting interviews with governments as well as entrepreneurs, we produce a series of fact sheets and Youtube films.

These will convey the market opportunities for the Dutch entrepreneur and exporter seeking the extension of his professional horizons.

Each month, a new theme will be highlighted. Sectors that we’ll touch during this year’s campaign include Transportation & Logistics, Tourism, E-commerce, Design, Food, ICT & BigData, Smart Cities and the cloud-based development of start-ups, to name but a few.

In the first edition we highlight the world’s premier and most important tradeshow for the mobile technology and telecommunication industry: the Mobile World Congress. being held from March 2nd to March 5th on the Barcelona Feria premises. The NBSO Barcelona and the Netherlands Embassy in Madrid are partners in the Dutch Mobile Network Event and support the trade mission organised by Handelsroute.nl, both initiatives presenting excellent and manifest opportunities for the Dutch telecom business professional and mobile entrepreneur.

In doing so, we intertwine and pair our media campaign to the generation of business intelligence (info sheets) for our exporting clients in the Netherlands. Simultaneously, we link the exercise of identifying market opportunities to a possible participation in existing public sectorial events, as well as in ditto activities that initiated by our team. We include specific names of distinct contact persons and key references in our fact sheets. Thus, we facilitate the Dutch exporter in acting pragmatically upon the market opportunities that present themselves in this area today.

The team comprising of the Trade Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Madrid and the Netherlands Business Support Office in Barcelona is ready to help you in any way in order to let you extend and exploit your professional ‘orange’ horizons in the beautiful and vast country of Spain. Godspeed and… hasta la vista en España!

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Tourism has for a long time been – and still is one of the stable and major sectors contributing to Spain´s GDP and employment (15.7% of total contribution GDP, 5.7% direct contribution).

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